Castlemilk & Carmunnock

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CASTLEMILK, an area to the south of Glasgow has a population of circa 14000* people. The area was built in the 1950’s to help solve the problem of overcrowding in the inner city ‘slum’ areas of Glasgow and at its height had a population of around 45000. Traditional industry found a home in the area and provided employment for the majority of the Castlemilk population. However, following the recession of the late 1970’s many of these industries, which had proved to be the backbone of the area were forced to close. The local population was demoralised and disheartened as high levels of unemployment levels forced many to seek employment elsewhere. The area became increasingly run down and socially deprived before prompting action to regenerate the area.


This long-term regeneration programme has “ the common aim of developing and jointly implementing a comprehensive, mutually agreed strategy”

*statistics taken from 2011 census profile


a panoramic view of Castlemilk

CARMUNNOCK VILLAGE is a conservation area situated six miles to the south of Glasgow and less than a mile from Castlemilk. The village has a population of around circa 1700* and retains many of the characteristics, which existed 200 years ago. The village is in an area covered by Glasgow City Council and illustrates a good amalgam of conservation and renewal. *statistics taken from 2011 census profile











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Carmunnock Village