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CCCWT Grant Application FAQ's

Below are the frequently asked questions about our grants, if you can’t find the question you are looking for please click here to contact us directly.


We don’t know where to start! Who can help us?

You can get usually get advice on making applications and putting together policies and procedures from your local CVS.


Do you give grants to individuals?

Not currently.


What can we apply for?

Our fund can support a wide range of things – project costs, events, materials and equipment– but all proposed activity must show wider community benefit. We do not fund salaries.


How do I apply?

Our on-line application process is available on our website at


How long will it be before we hear whether our application has been successful?

We aim to advise applicants on the outcome of their application approximately 6-8 weeks from closing date.


We are committed to starting our project in a couple of weeks. What do we do if we haven’t heard back from you by then?

You must allow sufficient time to hear the outcome of your application. We can’t fund a project which has already started so please wait for the results of your application before committing to any costs, e.g. hire charges, deposits or fees.


Can I apply for different projects on separate applications?

No – You can only have one live award within a 12 month period at a time. The amount of funding we have is limited and, in order to be fair to all, we prioritize groups who have not received funding from us before.


Do we have to be a registered charity to apply for a grant?

No you don’t have to be a registered charity but you do need to be a Not for Profit with charitable aims, have written accounts (or projections if you are a new group), and have policies on equal opportunities and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults if appropriate. We aim fund a whole range of community and voluntary sector groups whose purposes are charitable.


What happens after we’ve applied?

Every application is considered in a competitive scoring process where applications must be awarded a minimum score of 50% to be considered for funding. We aim to fund high quality projects which will deliver real benefits to the local community. If you are given a grant, we expect you to submit monitoring information as agreed in your contract.


How long do we have to spend our grant?

Your offer letter will include the date by which all the grant money should be spent and monitoring information returned. Usually this is within 12 months.


What are the guidelines for promoting our project?

Any press releases, marketing materials or publicity you produce should mention CCCWT preferably with our logo. We ask all groups to send copies of these with their end-of-grant monitoring reports.


The main contact on our application form has now left. Do we need to inform you?

We only have contact details for the person who applied for funding and often, if the group doesn’t have its own premises, this is the person’s home address. Therefore, we can’t keep in touch unless you tell us when contact details change.


During our project, we didn’t spend as much as we had budgeted and now we have an under spend. Can we just spend it on other items to benefit our group?

No. You must let us know how much you have left over and why. Usually we can be flexible about how the under spend is used, but we must agree all changes in advance.


What if we don’t return the monitoring information?

Returning monitoring information, including receipts, is a condition of grant. If you do not return the monitoring information, we will ask for the grant to be returned and your group may not be able to apply again.


Will you come and see our project?

We intend to visit all groups who are awarded funding.


We’ve been given our grant but we’ve thought of a way to improve our project. What do we do?

Changes can be made and we try to be as flexible as possible, particularly if it helps the project. However, these changes must be agreed in advance by the CCCWT Board and you must tell us by email or in writing






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