Castlemilk & Carmunnock

Community Windpark Trust


CCCWT was developed with the main aim of developing a community owned and managed wind project to deliver benefits back to the communities of Castlemilk and Carmunnock.  The group was initially founded 2002, operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status, and recognised the potential to develop a wind energy development near Castlemilk and Carmunnock with the profits from the scheme being recycled into community projects.  









The Trust initially established a site for a wind energy development in Cathkin Braes and in 2008 after several years of work gained planning permission for a single wind turbine at the Cathkin Braes Country Park, which is located within the Glasgow City Council boundary.  The consented wind turbine has since been taken on by Glasgow City Council and construction was completed in 2013.


Since transferring the Cathkin Braes Project to Glasgow City Council, the Trust has sought to find an alternative site capable of establishing a wind energy development, again to be owned and operated by the community. The Trust is currently investigating the potential of a new site in nearby South Lanarkshire.


CCCWT is underpinned by four key fundamental objectives:

•    Sustainable Development: The Trust contributes to the process of community regeneration and greater energy


•    Participation and community involvement: The Trust is people centred and recognises the value of local participation

     in a local project, particularly associated with capacity building and community pride;

•    Capacity building: The Trust acknowledges that attention to building the capacity of local men and women will ensure

     the greatest likelihood of sustainability;

•    Environmental justice: Links between environment and poverty are becoming increasingly explored.


 Full details on the Trust can be found on the The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) website - link to site


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